Sock it to me, baby. The de-cluttering continues….

I haven’t posted for a while and that’s because most of my time, energy and spirit has been sapped by getting ready for my impending house move.

As a single mum, there’s no significant other to help me with the de-junking, the lugging and the tip runs (‘all together now…ahhh’), so I’ve been getting my hands dirty and developing an interesting bingo-wing-to-bicep ratio.

I like to think the attendants at my local refuse centre are not only in awe – but slightly intimidated – by my ability to hurl a double-black-sack combo into the household container without even breaking out into a sweat.

But feintly disturbing flights of fancy aside, I’ve been continuing with my mission to de-clutter and I’m actually a third of the way through the Stuffocation book, I mentioned in an earlier post. In fact, I’m becoming a bit of a zealot about it all.

Having spent most of my life as a marketeer’s dream, shopping ‘n’ dropping (my wages, that is, on stuff, stuff and more stuff) I’d amassed quite a bit of shit. There’s a section in Stuffocation where the author counts his socks. He totalled 39 pairs.

Today I counted 50 pairs in my sock drawer and an obscene amount of tights and leggings. Sure, anyone who knows me knows that black tights are a second skin for me during winter. But the amount I had was, quite frankly, a bit of a joke.

And what was with the coloured tights? It was like I waiting for the call to be Head of Wardrobe during panto season. And the flesh coloured hosery? Unless I was planning to time-travel my way to a wedding circa 1998, did I really have a place for those nylon nightmares in my life??

So I had a cull and it felt good. OK, so I’m not quite the ascetic yet. I think I got to 20 pairs of socks and eight pairs of tights (keeping those purple ones… just in case!). But it’s a start.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick to death of pairing missing socks and waiting weeks to reunite sock twins that somehow have found themselves in different washes. I think I’ve taken some significant steps today towards better sock management and for that, I can only be proud of myself.


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